Talk about an English lesson you enjoyed IELTS cue card 2017

Talk about an English lesson you enjoyed IELTS cue card 2017

  • Actually I have done my last academic carrier in English medium, so unfortunately that all was English lesson.
  • beyond those lessons i have attended so many seminars that gave me life lesson.
  • i would love to talk about one of them lesson given by Miss Pooja, a lecturer of personality development.
  • The lesson was about how to improve your English and How to speak English fluently.
  • firstly she showed the major problem with all of us in speaking.
  • She told us what we are doing is that, we all are thinking in our mother tongue, then translating it in English and then trying to speak that.
  • It’s a big filter that makes us week in English.
  • Then she gave us the best solution for this.
  • she advise us that we should start thinking in English. 
  • Think in English and Speak in English. No filter. oollaa..
  • Then she told us to give some ideas to improve English.
  • One of the good and funny suggestion from audience was by a guy.
  • He told that we can call any call center and talk with them in english.
  • then we discussed so many problems and solutions.
  • that was a valuable lesson for me.
  • And after that i personally improved my English.
  • Thank you. 

Hello Guys…!!! This is my own idea for this particular IELTS Speaking cue card. Share this and comment your ideas in comment section so that people comes to know more about this.

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  1. Nice content��..can you please suggest me which kind of connectors we can use in our exam will be on 3rd October

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