Practice Writing Task 1 : Pie chart with example answer

Practice Writing Task 1 Vocabulary : Pie chart with example

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The charts below show reasons why people own a car or travel by public transport.
Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make 
comparisons where relevant.

IELTS Writing task 1, pie chart, sample answer

 Compare and Contrast used in pie chart sample answer

the same as, on the contrary, at the same time, compared with, by contrast, 
in the same way, conversely, in contrast to this, on the other hand,
in comparison with                             

 Sample answer 

The first pie chart shows reasons why some people prefer to drive. conversely / on the other hand / in contrast to this / on the contrary / by contrast, the second chart shows reasons why others regularly travel by public transport.
The two most popular reasons for owning a car are freedom and independence, with 29% stating this.This percentage is the same as for those who enjoy driving. conversely / in contrast to this / on the other hand / by contrast, the majority of people who use public transport do so because owning a car is too expensive for them. 3696 of people say this. in the same way / at the same time, 25% of those in the survey state that they have not passed the driving test. For these two groups, it is not a matter of choice. conversely / on the other hand / in contrast to this / by contrast 20% of those who travel on public transport do so because they have concerns about the effect that cars have on the environment, so this group choose not to drive whether or not they can.
18% of drivers feel that they need to have a car because they have children. Another practical reason for driving is that it saves time, and 16% said this, conversely / on the other hand / in contrast to this / on the contrary / by contrast, 8% said that they drive a car because it gives them a higher position in society, even though they may not need to drive. Of the remainder who travel by public transport, 12% say they dislike driving, compared with / in comparison with 7% who feel that driving is too dangerous.
On the whole, it seems that most people would prefer to own a car if they could, on the other hand / in contrast to this / by contrast a minority make a conscious choice to use public transport.

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