Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 With Sample Answer

Some people think that the best way to gather information is through newspapers while others believe in other better ways.  Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer

The prevalence of varied kinds of media provides people with more opportunities to access information. Some people believe that to explore information, human can make use of different means from television to the internet while others rest on newspaper reading as the most preferable method. My essay will discuss both ways.

First of all, newspapers have, for years, been employed for their comprehensiveness. It is true that through just a number of pages, the world’s most general information is captured from the life of a famous person to the wars happening somewhere in the globe. However, to those people who are avid readers and demand the depth of information, they prefer reading books and real-life interviews through television where they believe the truth can be revealed. We may know, in general, what is occurring, without the detailed analysis and emotional conveyance of writers through the short head-lines. Besides, in the market-based economy, the content of several newspapers is central to the provision of hot news about the life of famous people to entice the audience and is likely to be embellished for the sake of profit. Occasionally, no sooner have I purchased a newspaper to read for its appealing headline, for instance, the adultery case of a celebrity than I feel being deceived for its soulless description. It is also claimed that celebrities can use their money to ask writers to present information to their advantage or polish their images, despite their dearth of genuine talent.

Second of all, unlike the internet’s news- reading which causes eye problems, newspapers might lessen this danger and satisfy busy people with a purpose of quick reading. The truth is that hardly do we see many people nowadays be patient enough to read a thick book full of hundreds of pages. Nevertheless, according to social statistics, those people who are interested in reading news only through newspapers are less able to foster their active thinking while the experience of reading books, in spite of taking longer time, is greatly conducive to people’s imagination, linguistic and critical thinking growth. Besides, compared with television, it is undeniable that newspapers prove less desirable for its inability to depict news in the most vivid ways with sound and authentic images. Equally important, with the Internet coming along, all pieces of news from the world, rather than being shown through pages, can be wholly compacted into merely one online page and monitored in their own way via a simple click on the window. Surveys have indicated that since the dawn of the Internet, the number of newspaper fans has been on a down spiral, but that of online readers has been multiplying amazingly on a daily basis. At the same time, the more sources of information we read, the better our understanding about the issue grows, which actually sharpens our thinking.
All in all, each kind of media has its own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from newspaper reading, I believe that humans, at present, have successfully harnessed a host of means to continuously enrich their knowledge.

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