Talk about an occasion you had a cake that was special ielts speaking cue card

Talk about an occasion you had a cake that was special

Vocab used : mishap, sore, delighted, tedious, batter, bake-o-phobia, garnish

I think, it’s a tradition now to have a cake on any special occasion such as birthdays or anniversary. I have delighted many cakes in my life. My mom bakes a cake for everyone in the family…but when its mom’s birthday, I accept that I’ve always cheated and bought the cake from bakery.

I knew that baking a cake is a tedious and time-consuming I also know that I’m a horrible baker. The last time I attempted to bake a cake when I was fifteen years old. I was trying to bake chocolate chips cookies from store-bought ready-made cookies. I remember that the cookies made by me looked nothing like the original cookies. It was flat and dry. The cookies ended up in the garbage as even street dogs refused to eat that. From then on, I swore to myself that I would never try to bake anything sweet again. but I wanted to show my mom that how much I love her, so I decided to make a cake for her on her birthday. In order to overcome my bake-o-phobia I asked one of my friend ‘bindu’ to stay on my mom’s birthday with me so that we can surprise her on her birthday. Bindu came on the time I called her.
So finally, it’s the day. The day to bake. The day that I have avoided for a very long time. It took us to three to four hours to make, back and assemble. Firstly I cant believe that of all cakes I tried to back, this was the one. Secondly I realized, how important it is to have at least a electric mixer. I hand-mixed and hand beat everything in the batter. My forearms were very sore by the end of the process.
At this time for baking cake, to minimize damage, I stuck to a single layer cake. That cake was baked with salted butter in it. It was looking like a golden colour bread with covered cream. The beauty of that cake was because of the garnishing with small-small red-red pieces of strawberry. The cake was served chilled as partially frozen. When my mom used to have a bite and told everyone that the cake is made by Nilay,  I was glad that the cake was baked perfectly. I could never imagine that such beautiful caked could be made at home. Then everyone was having that delighted cake, celebration and lots of fun. The cake and I was appreciated by everyone. that was the one I was ever wanted. And that’s why the cake was very special for me.

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