Talk about a statue or a painting or a work of art IELTS cue card.

Talk about a statue or a painting or a work of art

Vocabulary used : Improvisation, Sculpture, Awakening, Diverse

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, performing  artefacts to expressing the persons  imaginative or technical skill. Art is intended to be appreciated for their skill and emotions. I’m an art lover. Often I used to visit some art fests. I have seem many  visual art which include painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and other visual media. Today I would love to talk about a painting by Mr. parikh, who is a great painter. He is a well-known artist  and famous for his live Painting in public place or public events. His most of painting gives precious message to our society. I remember a live painting by him which was made in an event, organized by government in Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The event was for awakening people to clean our nation.Firstly the  painting comes up with some slogan “Let’s make our country clean and green”. There was a globe as our earth. That was splatted in two parts. The parts were like reflections of each other as how our nation can be and how it is right now. He shows that the nation is totally polluted and you will find garbage everywhere. Other side the is full of  greenery and environment is totally clean. One side displayed with vehicles and black smokiness in environment. The garbage was spread and no one was using dustbins in other hand it shows that if we will use the dustbins to garbage, the nation will be clean. It seem good and feel peace to see such clean area. He used to wrote one more slogan “SWACHH BHARAT, EK KADAM SWACHATTA KI AUR”, which means as a part of a mission “SWACHH BHARAT” let us clean our nation.The painting was concluding that we must keep our nation clean and save the environment. By doing this, we are not just saving our environment, we are saving the future generation. Let’s become a helping  hand to the mission “SWACHH BHARAT”.

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